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10 silkscreen Warhol paintings stolen

PD*3117736110 silkscreen paintings were stolen from the home of Richard L. Weisman in West Los Angeles in a case that has the LA Police looking for clues as well as asking for assistance from anyone who else is a prominent member of the art world.

The paintings are all Andy Warhol’s and images of athletes such as OJ Simpson, Tom Seaver, Chris Evert, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus, and Dorothy Hamil and were originally on display in the dining room of Mr. Weisman. A housekeeper reported their theft and Mr. Weisman has put up a million dollar reward for anyone who has information about the paintings.

Detective Donald Hrycyk from the LADPD art theft department said that the paintings were stolen either on September 3rd when they were reported missing or a day before.

Hyryck stated that it is hard to say what the motive for the crime could be since they would not be able to be resold easily, but it does appear that the person who took the pieces must have known they were in the dining room. Additionally, he stated that nothing else in the home was missing and that there were not any signs of forced entry.

The paintings were commissioned by Mr. Weisman in 1977 and measure about 40 inches square with a signature on them from Warhol and each of the athletes that are portrayed in the paintings according to Vincent Fremont who is the sales agent for the Andy Warhol Foundation.

The prices for these paintings have fallen over the last few decades along with the prices of other pieces of work by contemporary artists due to the fact that the ‘hero’ time period of the subjects has passed.

While art industry spectators are confused as to why anyone would steal Warhol paintings due to the fact they are easy to trace, Detective Hrycyk said that private collection theft is common in LA.


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