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2010 Art Fund Prize

nhThe long list of nominees for the 2010’s Art Fund Prize is dominated by multimillion pound projects and national institutions that total up when combined to cost over £230m, with a few of the larger projects including the Conflicts of Interest project at the National Art Museum, which cost £573,000, and the Darwin Centre at the National History Museum which cost £78m.

Team leader for the Conflicts of Interest exhibit, Mairead O’Hara stated that she was excited and thrilled to hear that it was included on the long list, stating that they are proud to be behind the project and overjoyed that their efforts were recognized by the art world.  The exhibition spans the last forty years, and thus the project was built in flexible terms so that the content could stay current.

The Art Fund Prize is worth £100,000 and will be given to the project that is chosen as the best example of excellence, originality, and imagination.

There are 11 contenders in the running for the prize this year including the Asmolean Museum, Ulster Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Great North Museum, Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, the Leach Pottery, Towner Eastbourne, Hampton Court Palace, and the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

The list will be cut down to a short-list of four which will be decided and released by the close of May, and the final winner will be declared on the 30th of June.

The judging panel consists of Lars Tharp, Jonathan Yeo, AC Grayling, and Chairwoman Kristy Young.


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