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270 Picasso works uncovered

pabloPictures created by Pablo Picasso, previously unknown, are now in the hands of the French government.  More than 270 works of art attributed to the famous painter, Pablo Picasso, have turned up in the trunk of a retired electrician in France.

The man, who showed the works to Picasso’s son in an effort to authenticate them, is now being investigated.  He is known to have done electrical work for Picasso and he even installed an alarm system for him at one time.

Picasso’s estate is quite upset that the pictures have surfaced in the possession of one individual and believe that they must have been obtained in some ill-gotten manner.  French police are investigating the circumstances along with the agency assigned with combating crimes in relation to cultural items.

There are a total of more than 270 works ranging from watercolours, sketches, lithographs, to portraits and collages.  It is reported that the collection is probably worth around £50 million.  It seems that the majority of work dates from Picasso’s most productive days, during 1900 to about 1930.

Pierre Le Guennec, along with his wife, was attempting to have administrators from Piscasso’s estate, and his son, Claude, verify the work.  They claim that the pictures were gifts from the famous author to Pierre, now 71.  They say that they are not interested in selling, but are getting up in years and wanted to be certain about what they were leaving their children.

Claude Picasso and his father’s administrators admit that Pablo Picasso was often generous with his paintings.

They say, however, that such gifts were always signed and dated and that this many pieces represent such a substantial volume of work that it cannot be imagined that the artist would simply hand them over to an electrician.


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