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95 year old artist set to create Banksy like artwork

95 year old artist set to create Banksy like artwork

95 year old artist set to create Banksy like artwork

A local artist who has created a painting which shows a depiction of an artist leaning against a wall has recently become the centrepiece of an art collection which is being displayed in a retirement estate located in Wallingford.

The Chief Executive of the housing association where Marjorie Jones, a 95-year-old artist lives, visited the viewing to see some of the masterpieces that the elderly artist has created over the past two decades.

Jones, who worked as a civil servant, commented that she started painting at 75. She says, “It was an accident really, there were some builders in my flat and I wanted to get out of their way so I went to the end of the garden and started painting a landscape picture.”

A few months later Peggy’s talents were officially recognised when a friend encouraged her to enter a national art competition run by the Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC).   Since winning her first competition, Peggy  has created some 50 oil paintings which have been displayed in art galleries nationwide including the prestigious Mall Galleries in London and The Society of Birmingham Artists’ Gallery in Birmingham.

Hanover Chief Executive Bruce Moore said: “Peggy has produced some fabulous pieces of art worthy of many prestigious art galleries. It just goes to show that it is never too late to push the boundaries and learn something new.” After completing her next piece of artwork Peggy says she is thinking of creating a piece of Banksy style urban art which will appeal to the next generation of art lovers.


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