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A look at the artistic world of Frazer Hudson

Whenever Frazer Hudson tells other people that he does illustrations for magazines and newspapers, most of them conclude that he is a cartoonist. But, his job is totally different in reality, which involves making illustrations for other journalist’s articles while trying to add something extra to it. The two common things between them are the wittiness and the expression of ideas.

Currently working as a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Hudson is now combining the freelance commissions. This job has provided him a unique opportunity of looking back to the commissioned work for newspapers such as The Observer and The Guardian for the past 20 years.

Hudson wanted to be an artist from his childhood and his father thought of engaging him in the sign writing jobs. However, his art teacher showed him another excellent way which has resulted with the present day Hudson.

That way began with getting a graphic design degree from Leicester Polytechnic, coming to London and finally running a pre-club bar. Along with the running the bar, he got enrolled in a post-graduate course at the St Martin’s. The degree has provided him with the required confidence and necessary direction.

The main driving point of his ambition of becoming an illustrator is to have his own voice heard. The huge experience of his working experience will be revealed in front of the audiences at Sheffield Hallam University’s Sheffield Institute of Arts, where ‘Frazer Hudson: 20 Years of Graphic Illustration’ will be opened on Friday and will continue till 24th February.

The exhibition will also explore the relation between an art editor, an art director and an artist through his illustrations, which will represent various events of those times. The event is also expected to create a bridge between the current trend and previous forms of illustration in publishing industry.



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