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A look at the history of the Mayan prophecy

Almost everyone around the globe is familiar with the Mayan prophecy that says that the life as we know it will end on 21.12.12. The source of prophecy comes from the Mayan Calendar which is 5,125-years in length and ends on 21.12.12. This spontaneous ending fuels many different theories about Armageddon.

There is no way to predict what will happen at this date. The majority of people believe that nothing significant will happen, but there are some who believe that on this date will witness something that may change the course of your lives. So all we can do it wait and see if something special will happen on this day or it will be like any other day. The scientists at NASA have released several statements, reassuring us that nothing threatens our planet at the moment.

The supposed day of the end of the world has been widely discussed in the past couple of months and the rumour fuelled many initiatives. One of them is a not so popular art group living in Gravesend which uses the end of the world as an inspiration for their art. Their exhibitions are located in Woodville and the Ground Zero bar. The exhibition displays diverse pieces of art, influenced by different styles.

Sheila Kaur, one of the members, says that each member of the art group has a unique style and interprets the apocalypse in a different way. Other members of the art group are Vlada Predelina, a Russian woman who graduated in fine arts, Generoso Napoliello and Fiona Higgins, organizers of Equal Earth. The other three artists are Sheila Kaur, Madhu Kans and Tony Stanley.


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