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Alexander McCall Smith honoured in home city of Edinburgh

He is known as the best-selling author who was somehow inspired by many peculiar individuals in everyday Edinburgh. Initially seen in The Scotsman, the forty-four Scotland Street novels of Alexander McCall Smith has led him to be immortalised in his home city. He has been honoured by the council of the city and has been chosen to be part of the new thoroughfare that is to take place there.

One of Smith’s quotes about his favouritism of Edinburgh has actually been engraved in a thirty meter long wall of art, which was created as a development in order to extend International Conference Centre of Edinburgh in the capital.

The council stated that they were honouring him for the way that his work, which included the novels of the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency had around the world promoted the city. Smith was present in order to show his new work in which he created to help in raising awareness the world’s initial City of Literature also known as Edinburgh.

Installed among the two parts of the “Atria” project, the installation features a new image of the skyline of Edinburgh. A quote used to promote the awareness was: “This city is of changing skies, shifting lights, and sudden vistas. A city so incredibly gorgeous it again and again breaks the heart. Smith said it was quite an honour as he had never had anything guaranteed like this.

It’s in a great position so thousands of individuals can see it, as it helps raise awareness of the literature status of the city. Many other cities have pursued this by following Edinburgh. “The quote that was chosen reflects what I see of the city. It’s climate determines that it never stays the same way for very long,” said Smith.

The development of the Atria which includes 200,000 square feet of space for offices, is to be completed around April, which is the initial event for deploying the underground EICC buildings being held near May. Andrew Burns, the cities council leader stated: “The wall of art celebrates the craftsmanship of this capital’s most renowned international authors.”


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