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Are You New To Art?

If you’ve recently become interested in art but are uncertain as to what type of art to buy and are finding it all a bit daunting, then perhaps we can help you reach a decision.

There is such an amazing abundance of artwork in the marketplace that you may be finding it a little difficult knowing where to start. How can you justify making a not-insignificant investment in both time and money if you’re not absolutely certain of which piece to buy?

The first step, as with any major purchase, is to perform research. You have a number of options here. A trip to the local library is one; if you have internet access then perhaps a simpler option would be to perform your research online. There are many online art galleries on the web, some reputable and others not-so. Video is a great medium to find out which genres of artwork a particular web-based art dealer has to offer. Hampshire Traders have loaded such a video onto YouTube. It is just over two minutes long, highlights some of the types of paintings available on their website, and it can be accessed here at thisURL. It may help you get a better idea of just what is available.

Once you have an idea of the “type” of art that piques your interest, the next step is to take an in-depth look at exactly what is available. What is your budget? Does it exclude certain genres of art? Are you looking to buy a piece of art pre-framed, or perhaps pre-stretched? Contemporary art tends to come pre-stretched and mounted but unframed. You can of course buy a frame for your modern painting, but the contemporary styles of art tend to look best unframed and placed on a simply-coloured (white or magnolia) wall. Reproductions of well-known pieces can be framed with an almost limitless selection of available designs and materials and mounted either on a clear or more “busy” wall-space.

Do you have a preference for medium (the type/s of product used to paint the painting) such as oil or water-colour, or are you flexible on this?

It should be possible, on a well-designed art website, to find your way around quite easily. Paintings should be arranged in categories, and once you have found the category that interests you most, the next step is to take an in-depth look at what is available in your chosen category. If your area of interest is reproductions of paintings by the “Old Masters” then the artwork should be available in a choice of sizes. These will probably be quite fixed, as the proportions would have to be maintained. Otherwise you will finish up with matchstick characters, grossly obese ones, or parts of the painting missing! If, however, you chose more contemporary categories, such as abstract, then these can often be painted to almost any bespoke size and proportions can, in some instances, be altered to suit.

Once you have chosen your favourite painting, you will need to consider where it will be hung. Can you afford a large painting, or will you be restricted due to budget or hanging space? The general rule of thumb here is to buy the largest size that your budget and wall space will allow, as this will help bring out the detail and texture.

Once you have decided on the painting and the dimensions, does the website offer a simple, safe method of “checkout”? Ensure the checkout pages and any others that require you to give personal details start with “https//…” and not “http//…”. This will help to ensure your personal details are kept safe. Also, ensure that contact details of the company concerned are readily available, and give them a call to see how they interact with their customers. A friendly, efficient manner is what you’re looking for here.

Bear in mind that the artwork may have to be painted to order, and allow sufficient time for painting and drying. Avoid anyone who says they can send you a freshly-painted piece of art within a week. Allow for up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

That’s it. Enjoy your artwork. It will be a joy for many years to come!

Author Bio

Jim Tickner is an art enthusiast and writes about a range of artistic subjects. He has a particular interest in oil paintings.


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