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Art festival in London will be huge

A recent announcement has been made that will mean London will be hosting one of the biggest arts festivals that has ever taken place. The event will be taking place during the 12 weeks that the Olympics is hosted and will turn the city into a cultural extravaganza. Event organisers have said that the festival next year will rival the Festival of Britain that was held in 1951.

The event will begin on the same day as the Olympic Games, July 27, and all across the nation bells will be rung to mark its onset. Martin Creed, has designed a special artwork to be used at the opening ceremony of the Games which many are expecting to be particularly spectacular.

The cultural show will include what is regarded as the most ambitious Shakespeare play ever to be staged and there will also be music festivals that do not charge people for entry. Other events will be taking place in the city and there will be 10 million tickets given away at no charge.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has recently said, “We want to create a unique event like no other in the Olympics and this arts Festival is a way to ensure this. It is going to be an exhilarating moment in the history of the capital city.”

The chairman of the Royal Opera house is Tony Hall and he is responsible for the cultural festival that is running alongside the Olympics. He has recently said, “We are planning for London to be an explosion of cultural activity. We are hoping to create something that the nation will be able to celebrate in a time when people are feeling down because of the state of the economy. We want to give people something to celebrate and something to be proud of.”

Theatre, music, art, poetry, and dance will all form part of the programme and many people think that the proposition for it to be held was one of the reasons why London was awarded the Olympic bid. Initially many people were very sceptical about the programme and thought that it would not be possible to create a very unique experience however, now that announcements have been made detailing the project, many people have a renewed faith.

At the opening of the games, the mass bell-ringing will be taking place and this is where every member of the public is encouraged to ring a bell as loudly and as fast as possible for 3 minutes, all at the same time. If you don’t have a bell then there is a mobile application you can download that will simulate a bell-ringing.


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