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Art on TV screens at Ruskin Gallery

ruskinA new way of viewing art will soon be available at the new Ruskin Gallery, part of the Anglia Ruskin University.  The art is to be displayed on 9 HD screens. One of these will be the world’s first 103” 3D and HD plasma screen. Made by Panasonic, it is being imported specially from Japan.

The unique character and vaulted ceilings make the Gallery the ideal place to exhibit such a ground-breaking show. The head of the School of Art at Cambridge, Chris Owen, says that this gallery will be an extremely valuable facility for the University, the city of Cambridge and the UK in general. He added that whatever branch of the arts they were studying, students would benefit from seeing a great exhibition of contemporary art.

The gallery, which is situated at the Cambridge school of Art, opens on the 9th of May. It is open to the general public and all the exhibitions are free. Vice Chancellor Prof. Derrik Ferney said that the space allowed student to exhibit in a whole new way and in fields as diverse as film, photography, computer games and fashion.


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