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Artist intends to set fire to Jesus

bighDuring the Edinburgh Fair, the faces of Jesus Christ and the Devil plan to be set on fire by a renowned Scottish artist. Two busts made of matchsticks have been in the works by David Mach for months and will be lit in the street in front of City Art Centre, Edinburgh where this religious themed event is being hosted.

Plans to move his entire studio from London to a floor of the centre are underway so that fans and visitors can watch his work being completed. Know best for his Big Heads sculptures on M8, Mach is unveiling four huge crucifix-like figures made of coat hangers and over 70 cinema themed collages that were inspired by the bible.

He was not expecting any problems with authorities or protests against the burning of the sculptured busts, even though he is expecting a great deal of interest and he admitted he had no specific religious beliefs of his own.

Permission is not needed of anyone we can burn outside and he thinks if you are going to burn the head of Devil it is fair to do that to Jesus as well. Plans to hang one of the crucifix figures outside were shelved because of weather worries.

His plan has been in the works for close to three years in celebration of the 400th anniversary that the King James Bible was published. The event will run from July 30 to October 16 and will cost the City Council of Edinburgh over £115,000.


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