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Artist Rooms exhibit expands

Francesca Woodman - Eel Series, Roma, May-August 1977With its first year behind it the collection of hundreds of works known as the Artist Rooms will begin to tour the UK with five new works added the collection that was originally donated by Anthony D’Offay.

The collection of artwork showcases the environment of the UK post-war and completed its first tour throughout the UK from Inverness to Bexhill.

The announcement that five more works will be added to the collection was included with a statement that the Artist Rooms tour will continue for a second year and include visits to 21 different galleries and museums.

The director of the Tate, Sir Nicholas Serota, stated that it has always been his hope that he collection would start to grow in size as more people started to recognize how valuable the collection was to people throughout the country.

Serota continued to state that two years ago the idea of sharing a collection did not exist since it was all in storage, but with the success of the first year of touring artists are now offering to share their works in an effort to be included.

Among the new donations are pieces by Ed Ruscha from the US who donated a 1984 item with text from a Ballard novel and two textual works that are from the estate of Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The three other pieces are still in the pledge stage and not yet an official part of the collection and include paintings from Jannis Kounellis, Agnes Martin, and Robert Therrien


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