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Arts exhibit manned by ex-cons comes to London

London will be hosting the first ever exhibition that is entirely manned by ex-convicts. This is an annual event held by The Koestler Trust with the theme to promote art made by ex-convicts. This year’s event will be held at the Southbank Centre.

Everything will be run by former convicts; including supervision of the artworks, ushering guests and acting as guides round the venue. Speech Debelle, a Mercury Prize-winning rapper, will grace the occasion.

Guests will have a chance to see the finest of the over 7000 pieces of art that were sampled in choosing this year’s items. People will see the images in a bunker that has been filled with sounds, objects, images and films all of which are the works of prisoners, immigration detainees and secure patients.

According to the CEO of Koestler Trust, it is the first time the event has attracted musicians. The guest musician, Debelle is one of the examples that show that prison can mold people to become better members of society. It is also a place that many people have nurtured their creative talents beyond imagination. It will be an extremely different experience to have ex-convicts as hosts to a big exhibition like this.

Ms Debelle admitted to being honoured to be the curator of this year’s exhibition. She was even happier that items of art can safely be stored during a nuclear war.

The 10 weeks event dubbed “Strength and Vulnerability Bunker Exhibition’ will be held at the Royal Festival Hall starting 25 September.



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