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Arts funding needs to be doled out carefully

Just throwing money into the arts does not really help society and in fact actually hurts art more than it helps. Take for example Liverpool where the funds that are placed towards the arts have been increased since 2008, but now that it is five years later there have not been that many changes.

A report that was published by the Liverpool Hope University stated that the urban-regeneration focus is now not on the communities or the city centre. Instead, Liverpool still has many struggling and disadvantaged areas and less art.

It seems that in Liverpool people are not being inspired. The operas regularly play with only about a third of the seats filled and the Royal Court Theatre continues to show the same old cycles. Poetry events only get other poets to attend. The real value to Liverpool would be further development of the Liverpool-Manchester canal or of the Mersey Docks because these projects would be able to positively contribute to the economy.

Art only has the value that people place on it, and apparently in Liverpool people have decided not to place that high of a value on it. Events like the Edinburgh Festival and Capital of Culture might get some local business and ticket sales but they are not focused on sales. Instead these events occur because people enjoy them and love taking part in them.

On the other hand, when the state starts to push arts they become more about policy and less about what really inspires people which makes it hard to really make any initiative effective. At one point there was an Arts Council and during this time artists and musicians were in charge of organizing exhibitions and free concerts. It was during this time that art was really appreciated.


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