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Banana sculptures are a big hit

abananFeaturing the faces of Davey Jones and Elvis of Pirates of the Caribbean, these a-peeling sculptures will certainly make you go bananas. The detailed fruity art features are carved with a spoon and toothpick and there is not room for a mistake because they need to be done in less than a half hour before the lovely bananas turn rotten.

Once complete the sculptures are photographed and then eaten by Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada. The 23 year old has developed a cult following ever since he posted pictures of his fruity business online. His fans send him new ideas and thus far he has made a total of 11 pieces that include ghoulish skulls and dragons.

He says he started about two weeks ago and once the pictures were posted it has taken off. He started innocently peeling a banana and thought how it may be interesting carving a face into the curved fruit.

The first was a face with a smile and he was shocked at the positive response he received so he just decided to carve more and once people started to make suggestions he received inspiration. He is an electrician and is looking forward to making many more sculptures in the future.


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