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Banksy art sells in New York’s Central Park

Central Park in New York City witnessed the sale of original canvasses signed by Banksy, the street artist from Britain, for a sum of $60 (or £38 a piece). This event became known when the website of the artist showed videos of someone selling apparently fake Banksy’s.

Some of these were pieces estimated to be worth £20,000 each that were not sold at the day’s end. Banksy has promised a new piece of his street art every day during his one-month residency in New York. The art show for public viewing is entitled Better Out than In and has website that features art work, pictures and videos.

Among these videos was this one by Banksy with words that told a strange tale. The words say that Banksy, the artist, had set up the stall in the park and had sold canvasses for $60.

In the video, one can see a variety of customers buying Banksy canvas purchases. The older man in the video sells two small pieces to a woman after giving her a discount of 50 percent when she buys several canvases. A New Zealand woman purchases two art works. This is followed by sale of four paintings to a Chicago man.

He is heard to remark that he has moved house and wanted to decorate his walls.

The sale amounted to $420 (£263) in all. There were words below the video stating that the stall would not be there any more.

Meantime the guerilla artist Banksy, whose real identity is unknown to the masses, communicated via email with Village Voice, a New York publication to detail his reasoning behind the month-long trip.

He said he plans to release video recordings, elaborate graffiti, substandard performance, works of art or a large street sculpture every day throughout October.Until now, the public has seen a meat truck filled usually named The Sirens of the Lambs containing stuffed toys as well as different Banksy specials such as the Brooklyn Wall being covered with bandage-wrapped heart-shaped balloons.



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