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Banksy draws Simpsons opening credits, video

simponsBanksy, the British street artist has done an opener for the Simpsons in which he tags Springfield.  The episode, which was titled, Money Bart, is said to have stirred controversy with some members in animation after Banksy storyboarded it for an extended opening.

The graffiti artist is, of course, no stranger to controversy and the content of the episode had plenty of controversy ii it as well. Part of it featured a masked Bart tagging his classroom with his blackboard line that he must not write on the walls.

Further on, Asian sweatshop workers are shown creating animation cells for the start of the show and stuffing is made for Bart dolls using ground up kittens.  All the while, an endangered Panda struggles to pull a cart full of Simpsons merchandise.

This isn’t the only time the show has taken a shot at Fox on air.  They even have had Rupert Murdoch play himself depicted as an evil billionaire.


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