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Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery to hold special wood exhibition

The Victoria Art Gallery, which is located in Bath, is going to be having a special exhibition which is going to show wood engravings, lino cuts and woodcuts between late November and late January.

The exhibition is by the Society of Would Engravers, and the last time that this exhibition was hosted at this gallery was in 2008. When the exhibition was shown here, it received a great deal of critical acclaim, and many people are excited to see it return to the gallery for another year.

A councillor for the local area, Cherry Beath has recently commented, “We are delighted to see that another high-quality exhibition is going to be coming to this art gallery. It is just one of the many fantastic arts and culture exhibitions that have been occurring throughout the year in the area, and we are delighted that the local people are going to be experiencing this fantastic exhibition.

“We really believe that this exhibition is going to have something for everyone. There are over 150 works that are going to be displayed, and they come from all different schools of woodcarving. Many of the items that are on display at the gallery are also going to be for sale, which is going to contribute to the local economy, as well as help local artists.”

It is not just art that is going to be available at the show, that there are also going to be displays of different wood engraving tools, which will give visitors an idea of how these fascinating creations of them are made.

The manager of the art gallery is Jon Benington and he is commented, “Wood engraving is an incredibly time-consuming process, and we are delighted to see that some of the most intricate works are going to be displayed at our gallery.”



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