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Becks Green Box project

There are thousands of aspiring artists, musicians, and designers who are extremely talented but need help to fulfil their undoubted potential and accomplish their dreams of being successful in their fields. There have been various funds and projects over the years to help these young and independent artists on their way, but one of the most exciting for a long time is the Becks Green Box project.

For the next three years, the Green Box project aims to help 1000 individuals who have shown that they have both the vision and the creativity to really make a name for themselves. The fund available through this project is to help these aspiring individuals to be inspired, whilst celebrating their talents and also giving them much needed financial support while they work towards their dreams.

The thousand who are chosen to be funded by the Green Box project will have their resulting works put on show in virtual reality Green Box and these will be seen across the world, as well as their piece being put on permanent display in the project’s virtual gallery. You can connect to Facebook through the Becks website and no doubt the downloadable app for smartphones will be hugely successful.

All the best new campaigns release a video to showcase the work they are doing, and the Becks Green Box project is no exception. This video is very arty and artistic, appropriate considering what the essence of the project is all about. It gives basic info about the project and also shows clips of different countries to get the word out there that this is a truly global project.

To kick it off in style, 30 initial Green boxes have been released by Becks in Italy, the US and the UK. Each one of these boxes will contain an exclusive virtual piece of art from a famed artist.


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