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Beeb under fire for ‘trendy’ art buys

The BBC is under scrutiny after spending an estimated £3m on art in order to redecorate its flagship office building.   The popular broadcaster received criticism for spending money from licence payees on artwork in a decade in which the company has made 3,000 people redundant and at a period when the amount it pays celebrities is under fire.

bbAside from these basic concerns, even art critics have a gear to grind as they claim that the BBC only choose trendy pieces, and not lasting classic artwork.

One such piece is a pieced named the World by artist Mark Pimlott which is a series of white lines that make a figure that looks like a globe.  The price on the Canadian painting which will hang outside of the Central London Broadcasting House is a whopping £1.5m.

A second piece was purchased for £897,000 is a glass cone that is 33ft tall and is located on the roof of the building.  The cone was created by Jaume Plensa to honour journalists who have passed away while on assignment.

Editor of art magazine Jackdaw, David Lee, stated that the BBC spent a very large amount of money on artwork that the average person will not get. Lee went on to state that he is not sure why the BBC would not have chosen artwork that was more traditional such as paintings.

Chairman of the campaign group Voice of the Viewer and Listener, Richard Lindley, was more concerned with how the money was spent stating that the BBC should keep in mind that viewers would want their licence fee be spent on programming.


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