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Betsy Blu – An inspired collection of original artwork

Betsy Blu CatAfter deciding that corporate life was no longer for her, Nicola Hyslop has turned her efforts into fulfilling a lifelong ambition by creating Betsy Blu, a collection of art with personality and colour.  Inspired by bright colours, different textures and all things a little bit unique and quirky, the main aim of Betsy Blu is to evoke smiles in those that view the pictures.

Alongside her passion for art, Nicola is also a busy mother of two.  By creating Betsy Blu she has combined her lifelong love of painting in a new career to fit in around family life, dirty nappies and the school run.

“I take inspiration from my children, whether it be them smiling, laughing or running around with no cares in the world” said Betsy Blu creator, Nicola Hyslop.   “They can at the same time be my greatest supporters and my harshest critics!  The great thing about kids is that you always get an honest opinion!”

“The colours I use depict the mood of each image, creating personality and a sense of uniqueness.  My main collection focuses on both surrealism and impressionism, creating pictures which are bright, fun and which have a sense of humour!”

“When I see something which inspires me for a new picture I simply have to capture that moment whether it’s taking out my camera for the hundredth time, or jotting down notes for my next piece. There is never a moment when I am not thinking about a new collection or idea. It’s like a compulsion!”

The collection includes a diverse range of colourful and unique pieces, from a jolly giraffe to a cheery cat, each piece can add a little fun to the otherwise ordinary.

Each pictures is priced at  £149.99 and is available from  Finished in a beautiful swept moulding, picture size approx 16” x 20”. Total including frame approx 23” x 19”. Fixtures and fittings included.  Fixtures and fittings included



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