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Capital Gallery displays A level art

The Capital Gallery will be hosting a special A Level display of fashion and art featuring work from Collyer’s up until November 12th of this month. Students have contributed work that was created in the district over the past two years and feature subjects as diverse s the Queen’s Jubilee Tea Party and Horsham Station. This is their last chance to show the local community their work before they move on to larger things.

Susie McAlister, the Head of Art, stated that the exhibition is a great chance to show the public many wonderful young artists that are just starting out in their career. Collyers regularly sends seventy students that are completing degrees through special degree courses. Students are told about the many different careers they can pursue in the arts and are positively encouraged to work towards them.

Paula Riley, a current student and one of the exhibitors stated that this will be her first time showing off her work but she is very excited for the opportunity because the course has helped her to fine tune her work as an artist. She added that it helped to boost her confidence enough to apply for Slade as a Fine Art student.

The exhibition will feature the artistic creations of three different specialist degrees: Graphic Design, Textiles, and Art. Exhibited will be many different types of arts such as posters portraits, garments, fashion inspiration, and some textile objects.

McAlister exclaimed that the fashion show is already getting a lot of discussion around Horsham and has a great local focus that should help draw in many visitors. She added that it will run until the 12th and has something for everyone so people should hurry down while they have the chance.



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