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Cat Gardiner’s art gallery succeeds in the face of adversity

When Cat Gardiner first started talking about launching an art gallery it seemed like idle talk given the fact that the recession was not an ideal time for starting anything. However, instead of letting the economy get her down, she decided to approach her new project from a different angle.

Gardiner decided that instead of letting a building for her gallery and dealing with the high overhead costs, she would just curate a ‘pop-up’ gallery that held different shows in different empty shops that were spread out throughout Cardiff.

Now, almost here years later her new gallery/business is finally in a permanent home and the 28 year old is thrilled. Her new Windsor Place gallery is hosting a winter exhibition right now that shows emerging artists that she has been collaborating with since she first started touring around as a ‘pop-up’ gallery.

Cardiff born Gardiner, stated that it has always been a goal of hers to find a permeate space that she could house her gallery so that she can showcase and represent designers and artists on a full time basis instead of just here and there. She explained that after three years working with pop-ups they felt the time had come to finally locate a real home.

Up until the Windsor Place purchase Gardiner stated that the gallery had to host mixed exhibitions that changed every quarter, but now with the permanent gallery in place she can expand the programme and introduce mixed, solo, and even themed exhibitions that take place at the same time.

Gardiner is an art history major from the Aberystwyth University. She later went on to earn her masters while studying contemporary design in London and working as a curator. She explained that while she loved London, she could not dream of opening a gallery in any other location than Cardiff.



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