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More dubious art found in the German parliament buildings

Considerable commotion occurred last month when an elderly man named Cornelius Gurlitt was drawn into the spotlight of the art world and much of the non-art world too. That died down but is back again with another ‘discovery’ of more dubiously acquired art works in the Parliament of Germany.

The uproar began when a huge collection of art works was discovered in Gurlitt’s apartments in

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FBI move closer to solving 1990 Boston art theft

In 1990 in Boston, one of the largest art thefts in history took place. Just recently, FBI agents in the United States have raided the home of a mobster in Connecticut who they believed was involved in the robbery and has information that could help in the apprehension of those responsible for the theft.

20 agents were involved in the raid and they have now

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Art thieves hold their first exhibition

Between 1995 and 1997 Franco and Eva Mattes stole very small parts of some of the most famous artworks in the world. They do not deny that during this period they stole shavings off some of the world’s most famous pieces of art including work by Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.

The two people responsible for stealing these small fragments of the artworks

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Picasso art theft

Thieves have recently taken several famous paintings by the masters of the 20th century. Police have described the art theft as ‘spectacular’ and among the stolen artworks are paintings by Pablo Picasso. The thieves broke into the Athens National Gallery on Monday morning and the alarm failed to sound because the thieves had previously tampered with it.

The heist only lasted for seven minutes, and

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Drawing by Rembrandt stolen

A theft at a California hotel netted an expensive drawing by Rembrandt in what was said to be a well planned, well thought and well executed heist. Late on Saturday, in Marina del Rey, at the Ritz-Carlton, the heist took place during an exhibition of many different expensive paintings that were on sale.

A police spokesperson, Steve Whitmore, said that the hotel’s security was top

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Real life arts heists are not like Hollywood movies

Art heists says international security experts, like this week’s £237,500 theft in Toronto of 11 works, are never like they are depicted in the movies. More often than not the reality is they are very non-dramatic and end pointing to internal staff or the curators instead of Pierce Brosnan or other cinematic thieves.

Tom Cremers is a security consultant to some of the world’s libraries,

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British Embassy in Libya ransacked for its art

There were irreplaceable art works that were either destroyed or stolen when the mob ransacked the British Embassy in Libya. Worth more than £130,000 the paintings were taken when Gaddafi supporters torched and vandalized the building a World War II memorial on May1. The raid revenged the apparent killing of his son and three grandchildren by a NATO missile attack.

The news comes as NATO

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Germany stumbles on world’s biggest art fraud

When prosecutors in Stuttgart, Germany, started investigating a minor art-forgery in December 2008, it did not occur to them that they were about to unravel what could be one of the biggest art frauds in recorded history. The case started with an investigation of 13 suspected fake sculptures promoted as Alberto Giacometti’s work. Soon, however, Stuttgart prosecutor’s office conducted a wider investigation.

The prosecutors were

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Gianni Versace estate returns stolen painting

A family’s stolen work of art that was nearly sold by the Gianni Versace estate has been returned to its rightful owners without lawyers or legal battles, it was announced. Major George Maule is the subject of a painting by Johann Zofanny dating back to the time of George III. It was actually up for bidding at a Sotheby’s auction, but was withdrawn when one

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Van Gogh worth $55 million goes missing in Cairo, video

Police stepped up their search for a valuable painting which was stolen from a museum in Cairo. The painting taken was a Van Gogh original valued at approximately $55 million. The museum was reported to have had surveillance cameras and an alarm system but these were not functional.

The Mahmoud Khalil museum reported last Saturday that the “Poppy Flowers” was cut out of its frame.

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