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More dubious art found in the German parliament buildings

Considerable commotion occurred last month when an elderly man named Cornelius Gurlitt was drawn into the spotlight of the art world and much of the non-art world too. That died down but is back again with another ‘discovery’ of more dubiously acquired art works in the Parliament of Germany.

The uproar began when a huge collection of art works was discovered in Gurlitt’s apartments in

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Global recession hasn’t reached the art world yet

While the recession may be hurting economies across the globe, it seems that art collectors have not heard about the downturn. Just this week at two separate New York art sales collectors purchased works that totaled up to £620 million. In fact, during the week new world records were set for the highest artwork ever to be sold at an auction. In addition, records for

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Dutch museums have a second review of the provenance of their art works

The Dutch Museum Association previously announced, back in 2009, a second review of the provenance of artworks located in Dutch galleries and museums. Following a multi-year review period, the association has determined that as many as 139 pieces of art present may have been taken from Jewish owners before or during the Second World War.

The search which spanned four years examined all artwork within

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Banksy art sells in New York’s Central Park

Central Park in New York City witnessed the sale of original canvasses signed by Banksy, the street artist from Britain, for a sum of $60 (or £38 a piece). This event became known when the website of the artist showed videos of someone selling apparently fake Banksy’s.

Some of these were pieces estimated to be worth £20,000 each that were not sold at the day’s

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David Hockney’s Early Impressions exhibition

David Hockney is widely considered to be one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. The Walker Art Gallery is hosting a new exhibition of his work which is bringing together a broad and unique collection of prints and painting which together chart how this most iconic of British artists developed in the early years.

David Hockney: Early reflections goes on display at

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New York art fraudster pleads guilty

An art dealer Glafira Rosales, who is based in New York, pleaded guilty to defrauding two art galleries in Manhattan more than $30m with 63 fake art pieces. This multi-million dollar art fraud ran for about 15years.

Unsuspecting buyers spent over $80m (£50m) buying paintings that were said to be works of artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko that had never been displayed before.

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Arts exhibit manned by ex-cons comes to London

London will be hosting the first ever exhibition that is entirely manned by ex-convicts. This is an annual event held by The Koestler Trust with the theme to promote art made by ex-convicts. This year’s event will be held at the Southbank Centre.

Everything will be run by former convicts; including supervision of the artworks, ushering guests and acting as guides round the venue. Speech

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The Turner House Trust is appealing to the nation to save this country home

A Bicentennial Appeal, worth £2 million, was launched at Twickenham, home to JMW Turner RA, for the restoration and preservation of Sandycombe lodge.

A beautiful Regency villa, Sandycombe Lodge is virtually unknown despite being of national importance. It was designed by Turner, as a retreat for him and his father, and is urgently in need of restoration.

Grade 2* listed, it is largely unspoilt apart

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Adverts replaced by works of art on over 20,000 UK billboards

Across the UK, 22,000 advertisements which were on billboards, bus stops, and other poster sites have been replaced by works of art. For a period of 2 weeks, the art will be everywhere. The nation has put most of its cherished works of art on roadsides, trains, and tube stations and also in shopping malls.


Art Everywhere, a scheme which was coined together with

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Sculptor drops a clanger by turning rare comics into papier mache

A new sculpture by Andrew Vickers has helped him carve out a name for himself, although it is not likely in the manner that he expected. Vickers created a statue for a Heroes exhibit that was made completely out of papier mache. The papier mache was created from old comics that he found in a skip, however, it turned out that some of the comics

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