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Banksy art sells in New York’s Central Park

Central Park in New York City witnessed the sale of original canvasses signed by Banksy, the street artist from Britain, for a sum of $60 (or £38 a piece). This event became known when the website of the artist showed videos of someone selling apparently fake Banksy’s.

Some of these were pieces estimated to be worth £20,000 each that were not sold at the day’s

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New York art fraudster pleads guilty

An art dealer Glafira Rosales, who is based in New York, pleaded guilty to defrauding two art galleries in Manhattan more than $30m with 63 fake art pieces. This multi-million dollar art fraud ran for about 15years.

Unsuspecting buyers spent over $80m (£50m) buying paintings that were said to be works of artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko that had never been displayed before.

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Arts exhibit manned by ex-cons comes to London

London will be hosting the first ever exhibition that is entirely manned by ex-convicts. This is an annual event held by The Koestler Trust with the theme to promote art made by ex-convicts. This year’s event will be held at the Southbank Centre.

Everything will be run by former convicts; including supervision of the artworks, ushering guests and acting as guides round the venue. Speech

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Abstract art exhibition to take place in Belgravia

St Mawes III – John Illsley





Belgravia Gallery will be showing approximately twenty paintings in their Summer exhibition devoted to abstract art.

Three leading artists represented in the show are London

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Unique property up for auction, no bedrooms and occasionally noisy

Unique property up for auction, no bedrooms and occasionally noisy

An enormous sculpture that sings by Luke Jerram, the internationally renowned artist, has gone up for auction carrying a starting bid of only £1.

Organisations, businesses and individuals from across the globe have been invited to make a bid for Aelolus, the acoustic wind pavilion specially created by Jerram.

The sculpture was originally commissioned

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Paddy Power open betting on Banksy art sale

Following on from the news that a painting by graffiti artist Bansky has been put up for auction on a US website, Paddy Power have opened the betting on how much it will sell for.

The work, which was removed from the side of a Poundland shop in North London, is a 10/11 shot to sell for between $500,000 and $750,000 by the bookmaker with

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Cat Gardiner’s art gallery succeeds in the face of adversity

When Cat Gardiner first started talking about launching an art gallery it seemed like idle talk given the fact that the recession was not an ideal time for starting anything. However, instead of letting the economy get her down, she decided to approach her new project from a different angle.

Gardiner decided that instead of letting a building for her gallery and dealing with the

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Everett paintings found in more UK homes than any other British artist

Herbert Barnard John Everett may not be known as the greatest painter in Britain, but despite this fact his many different boats, sea, and decks have their own bragging rights, because a lot of Brits own his oil paintings.

On the list of paintings that are owned by Brits, there are 1,058 Everetts which is astounding as the closest painters to him are Turners with

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Fears rise for the future of public art

The decision of Tower Hamlets to sell a statue by Henry Moore has experts warning that the future of public art could be in serious danger as local authorities look at various ways in which they can raise some much needed funds.

There is particular controversy regarding this statue however as Henry Moore himself donated it on the understanding that it would be on display

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Exhibition of space junk found on the Internet hits the road

Internet shopping may now be a common thing, but it is not that often that you end up online searching for some space junk; however, this is exactly what Di Robson ended up doing before she hit the road for Exhibition ROAD SHOW which will run from July 28th until August 5th.

In her search, she was able to find a meteorite that had been

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