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David Hockney’s Early Impressions exhibition

David Hockney is widely considered to be one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. The Walker Art Gallery is hosting a new exhibition of his work which is bringing together a broad and unique collection of prints and painting which together chart how this most iconic of British artists developed in the early years.

David Hockney: Early reflections goes on display at

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Adverts replaced by works of art on over 20,000 UK billboards

Across the UK, 22,000 advertisements which were on billboards, bus stops, and other poster sites have been replaced by works of art. For a period of 2 weeks, the art will be everywhere. The nation has put most of its cherished works of art on roadsides, trains, and tube stations and also in shopping malls.


Art Everywhere, a scheme which was coined together with

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Tate Britain reveals recent refurbishment

Tate Britain got a new breathe of life this week as the boards were removed and the gallery portion that was closed off was open again. Once again visitors can now walk around the museum and see everything in full. It is hard to miss the chronological voyage as the opening date of 1540 is carved into the floor in gold and the final works

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Abstract art exhibition to take place in Belgravia

St Mawes III – John Illsley





Belgravia Gallery will be showing approximately twenty paintings in their Summer exhibition devoted to abstract art.

Three leading artists represented in the show are London

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Northern art a massive success in China

Art treasures from such northern towns as Bolton and Bury have appeared in an exhibition in China and become a huge success. This has many wondering whether or not booming foreign countries can offer the cash strapped galleries in the UK a way out of their current financial crisis.

When Thomas Wrigley, the paper tycoon from Bury, during the industrial revolution amassed a personal collection

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Rijksmuseum makeover makes it stand out amongst the Amsterdam museums

In the last 10 years, museums all over the world have been renovating their galleries. A museum that stands out is the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which was closed down for a total of 10 years for renovations.

The museum is home to Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Vermeer, and other art masterpieces from the “Golden Age”. Contrary to what one may think, the purpose of the

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The art talent of Ipswich showcased in one off exhibition

Southwold – at sunrise’ Copyright Tom Owens 2013 All rights reserved

An exhibition is set to showcase the new, emerging talent in the Ipswich area when it goes on display for one night only. Pretty’s Solicitors is the venue for the show on Thursday 25th April 2013.

Primavera will be showcasing the work art students from the University Campus Suffolk (UCS) has produced and

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Charming Baker exhibition hits London

Charming Baker surveyed the latest model aircraft centre piece thanks to some last minute preparations for this newest and ever largest exhibition to be hosted in the London artistic district. Thanks to a rapidly rising celebrity, the art world will be showcasing some of the works that Baker has been creating in the past couple of years. Unpredictable in nature, it advocates love and understanding,

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The Royal Academy showcase the works of George Bellows

On Saturday we will see the Royal Academy present its first retrospective in the country showcasing works by an artist named George Bellows. He never became the well known name many thought he should be, but Bellows will be presented through an energetic exhibition showing the boxers of the first world war kicking each others dispassionately, severing hands of Belgian youth, German soldiers burning an

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Fine art exhibitions receive a boost from fund raising auction

‘Maggi Hambling donated painting ‘Wave”, oil on board, 2012, Lot 49

Esteemed artists such as Simon Carter, Maggi Hambling, Eamonn McCabe and Tessa Newcomb for the Fine Art Auction held at the University Campus Suffolk will donate priceless works of art. The UCS has goals of raising enough funds for a Degree Show and Exhibition by students, which will be held at the infamous

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