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Modern Art without the Modern Price tag

What is modern art? Who decides what is considered to be art? Why can’t the everyday person be considered an artist? Art really is subjective; something that one person thinks is amazing, another may think is awful. We all have our own concept of what art is and we often include other people’s pieces in our own homes to add a little bit of character

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Expand Your Musical Tastes: Artists You MUST Hear

We’ve all got our personal preferences when it comes to music, and you’re certainly very lucky if you’ve got a group of friends or co-workers who all enjoy the same genre or artists, so you can listen to the same songs and talk about the artist’s latest release.

One of the best ways to discover new artists is by listening to them or having your

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Three ways in which art differs from illustration

For the average person in the street, in the gallery or in the museum, the distinction between art and illustration is something of a grey area. If you glance at a simple illustration of a pastoral scene on a biscuit tin and then look at John Constable’s The Hay Wain, for example, is there a difference in what you’re seeing? And if there is, why

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