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Is photography the new old master’s?

Last November auction records were created when the Rhine II by Andreas Gursky sold for an immense £2.7m. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this autumn everyone is watching to see how photography will perform at various exhibits with many major pieces included in upcoming schedules.

Some of the pieces that may deserve a second look include the Somerset House Cartier-Bresson exhibit, the

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New London exhibition combines art and sport like never before

With a title like ‘Pursuit of Perfection’ and the correlation between art and Olympic sports, you might think the exhibition at South London South Gallery would feature only the finest and most uplifting creations of the most revered Old Masters. You would be mistaken. The two-part display is instead a remarkable artistic interpretation of an often unacknowledged ‘dark side’ of sports, or at least some

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Unique way of owning art comes to the artrepublic website for the first time

A ground breaking new way of owning art has been launched by artrepublic. With their new online facility called Own Art, once you get to the checkout at the website you can apply there and then for a interest free loan to pay for your purchase. The interest free loans are for between £100-£2000 and the payments can be spread over 10 months through

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FOTO8 Summershow 2012 set to be the best ever

Ivory Coast United © Luca Sage, Winner Best in Show, FOTO8 Summershow 2011 Enal with Pet Shark © James Morgan, People’s Choice Winner FOTO8 Summershow 2011

This years FOTO8 Summershow will be taking place between 7th July-19th August, and is both the largest and most influential show based around photography that takes place in the UK, and this year is it’s 5th celebration of

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Deutsche Borse Photography Prize of 2012

The four artists who have made the final short list for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize of 2012 have been announced, and they are John Stezanker, Rinko Kawauchi, Christopher Williams and Pieter Hugo. This selection showcases the diversity of both the photographic approaches and subject matter, ranging from documentary and everyday photography to re-contextualising found images and also new concepts.

The 2012 Deutsche Borse Photography

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Landscapes365 Scottish Love Letters – Photography Art Prints

Andrew and Rosie Woodhouse, photographers who are based in the Isle of Skye have their own take on which are the best ways to let your loved ones know exactly how much you care. Their latest collection is simply called ‘Love Letters‘, and is available through their own website at . The collection is a combination of the stunning landscapes that exist in the

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Photographer to have camera installed in the back of his head

A professor of photography at New York University is going to have a camera installed on the rear of his head for a year-long project entitled, “The Third I.” The work is under commission by a new Qatar museum. The camera will take thumbnail photos and stream them back for visitors at the museum to see.

Wafaa Bilal, who is an assistant professor, will undergo

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Ansel Adams prints found at garage sale

Californian antique enthusiast Rick Norsigian knew that he wanted when he started sifting through an old garage in Fresno in 2000. He was in search of an old vintage barber’s chair to add to his already unique collection of petrol pumps, telephone switchboards, and aeroplanes propellers. He had been searching for some time, scrap booking images of chairs that he had seen in magazines, into

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Google art identification application

The mobile based picture search service by Google aptly named Google Goggles is ready to add some culture to its line-up as Google has secured a deal to purchase the Oxford based Android mobile app called Plink that will allow users to identify works of art simply by taking a photo.

The founders of the app- James Philbin and Mack Cummins- will be joining the

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Manchester digital artist Andrew Brooks causing a stir in the Far East

A Manchester-based photographer and digital artist has found growing interest in his work from the Far East. Andrew Brooks, whose work has been exhibited at URBIS and CUBE Gallery, has been creating quite a stir in Japan, Taiwan and China.

Brooks was unaware of this popularity until he saw a magazine article published in the Popular Photography magazine praising his talent and futuristic style. After

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