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London residents enjoy a lot more than sport during the Olympics

The Olympics coming to London this year has meant so much more than just sporting events to the people of the Capital. As the streets become more and more congested, the locals have decided to claim a bit of London back for themselves. Many arts and cultural organisations have taken to the streets in a big way. In fact, in a way that has probably

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Governments u-turn on charities tax relief welcomed

The government’s decision to scrap plans to limit tax deductions on charitable donations has been welcomed by leading figures in the art world. The original plan was to limit tax relief to 25% of income or £50,000.

Sir Nicholas Hytner, National Theatre director said the theater was pleased the mistake was corrected so quickly. Another key figure in the arts industry, Stephen Deuchar of The

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Latest production of Carousel is a real treat

Carousel is a production which has been perfectly managed by Jo Davies and the management is met very well with the stylish costumes and set pieces that have been designed by Anthony Ward. The score is also very impressive and has been organised by conductor James Holmes and all of these people work very well together to create a production which has a great deal

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