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Catholic Church requests meeting with artists

VATICAN POPEObviously trying to rebuild some bridges with the artistic community Pope Benedict XVI has sent out invitations to several hundred prominent artists requesting that they come to a meeting which is aimed at restoring a quality relationship between the Catholic Church and artists.

Included under art are not only painters and sculptors but also notable figures from music, acting and the written word. The Pope has selected an emotive and presumably inspirational location for this get-together under the roof of the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s stunning religiously inspired works.

The November 21 meeting will be chaired by the Pontifical Council for Culture president, Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi who has stated that this is just the first event in what will be a long-term goal of bringing together all kinds of artistic interpretation and Catholic spirituality.

He goes on to say that a good example of how the church and the artistic world have separated over the last hundred years is seen in the many functional, but ugly, church buildings that have been constructed.

He compares these buildings with the stark contrast to Michelangelo’s incredible frescoes that adorn the ceiling of where, poignantly, the meeting will take place. The incredibly diverse list of attendees may include Ennio Morricone, Bono and Bob Wilson.


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