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Censorship artist has his own work removed from exhibition

An artist whose entire exhibition focuses on the idea of censorship was outraged to find out that two of his artworks were removed from the exhibition the night before opening by the council. The Brighton and Hove City Council staff felt that they needed to remove a piece of work from the exhibition that was set to take place at the Brighton Jubilee Library. They also choose to censor some political party statements that were written across a chalkboard on another piece of art.

Vince Laws, the artist behind the work, said that he was called Friday after the City Council’s private viewing and told that the pieces would have to be removed. Laws was asked to show off his work as part of the B Right On Festival that is celebrating LGBT Month.

The artwork that was removed was titled This Pope Is Pants. The comment that was censored pertained to government benefit cuts to those with low income. He also referenced the Tories and Lib Dems. The artwork was censored but is still on display at the library exhibition.

Laws defends his artwork explaining that he did not post anything that he was not allowed to and his aim was to provoke a heavy discussion about censorship and what should be allowed and what should be censored.

A spokesperson for the council stated that they try to accommodate all types of artists throughout the year, but in this particular situation the library service agreed to the content before the event occurred.

They said works of a more controversial nature would only be showed at the private view, and true to word they were shown Friday evening at the private viewing. The City Council felt some of the work may have been too controversial to be shown in the public library foyer area.


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