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Charles Saatchi donates gallery to the public

saatchiThe always glorious art-nut Charles Saatchi has decided to offer his art gallery to the state by renaming the Saatchi gallery in Chelsea on King’s Road the Museum of Contemporary Art London.  To top it off, the collector is going to offer 200 pieces of his own collection to the museum.

The gift is valued at £25m and will include some of the top highlights of his collection such as the Chapman brothers’ mannequins, Tracey Emin’s My Bed, and the installation of Richard Wilson titled 20:50.

The aim of Saatchi apparently is to leave a legacy behind him although the name will not be changed until 2012 and to create a museum that will live on according to the words of Rebecca Wilson the gallery director.

Given his name has always been a sensation, Saatchi is showing a lot of generosity by taking his name off of the marquee although most question if he can really explain the true meaning of contemporary art.

Also questionable is if MOCAL will be able to grow in a more formidable direction than the one that Saatchi founded or if the notable millionaire will continue to mandate the direction by his every whim and request.

While the contribution is quite generous, it is yet to be seen if it will be as ambitious of a donation as it seems at first.


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