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Charlotte Church in pop art B&B

charlotteCharlotte Church has been hard at work creating a nice little legacy for herself as a pop artist in the music industry but now she has been idolized in pop art as well Artists David Robinson and Adam Clarke from Cardiff were not sure if Church would approve of their new portrait of her but it turns out that she is quite proud given it hands in the room of her mother’s hotel.

Church stated that she loves how true to life the black and white portrait is and went on to say that she loves pop art and would love to get more invested in the world when she gets older.  She also joked that while her mother’s guesthouse is not the Louvre it is still a bit of an art gallery to her.

In fact, the new pop art portrait is just one of a few that are placed around the business that is run by Maria, Church’s mother, and James her stepfather.  The quaint bed and breakfast is titled Dexby Townhouse after Church’s children with former husband Gavin Henson named Dexter and Ruby.

Church admitted however that most of the work in the B&B is from her children and noted that three year old Ruby is a great artist and Dexter enjoys painting his own self-portraits. She added that there is one more portrait of her in the house that was given to her by an American artist when she was a younger girl.


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