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Charming Baker exhibition hits London

Charming Baker surveyed the latest model aircraft centre piece thanks to some last minute preparations for this newest and ever largest exhibition to be hosted in the London artistic district. Thanks to a rapidly rising celebrity, the art world will be showcasing some of the works that Baker has been creating in the past couple of years. Unpredictable in nature, it advocates love and understanding, and these works are coming from an art gallery in Hollywood.

This is only the preface to something exciting that will be happening soon, thanks to the air of contentment that will be seen in the gallery itself. Hollywood has glamour of its own, and this is often what is needed to bring a fresh view to the origin of these artworks. Otherwise, only something from the Milk Studios that will be displayed up to Sunday will be making a high point in the gallery for all to see.

Lewisham is another artist who will be added to the exhibition, and thanks to the council flat with five children of the professional artist, he was into commercial projects and professional artworks as well. But then everything changed when, one day out of the blue, his art work was seen by executives from a US management group. This is where he found the best inspiration for his products.

Magnarella and Baker were the introduction to the music industry, and Baker found his colleague Roger Klein who recognised the parallels between art promotion and management in a rock band, which then led him to bigger opera adaptations like American Idiot, Heartfelt Desire and I Think I Love You. His paintings were used in all of those, and many more throughout Hollywood. Nothing will be left up to chance at the exhibition for all to be seen.


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