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Chinese art festival sees over 1 million visitors

caOne month after the Europalia China art festival closed official figures were released that showed over one million people toured the exhibitions of the festival.

In all, 1,010,567 the visitors were spread out around 48 different exhibitions, out of which 20 were organized along with the aid of the government, and 519 separate events that were spread out across the five European countries of Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The numbers were released by the Belgian organizer of the festival, Europalia International.

The high attendance is a 60% increase compared to the last Europalia festival held in 2007, which only received 621,991 visitors.  The figure is also five times more than the first time the festival was held in 1969 which received a total of 183,800 people.

The report found that 81% of visitors to the Chinese edition were from Belgium, 77% were above the age of 45, and 57% of the attendees were women.

Claire Kirshen, the general commissioner of the art festival, stated that the Chinese cultural authorities were extremely cooperative and even agreed to lend a few pieces of Chinese art out to festival locations outside of China that had not previously left the country.

Krishen also stated that it was hard for the Chinese Ministry for Culture to help organize the project alone, which is why the festival organizers also received a great deal of help on the regional level from locations such as Guangdong, Shanghai, and Beijing.


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