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Concerns grow over the closure of the Newport Art Gallery

After more than forty years the Newport Art Gallery will cut its temporary displays leading many to become concerned that the city is going to lose the only cultural arts location that it has. The last exhibition to grace the Newport Art Gallery will be Shift, an exhibition from David Garner.

Garner’s work often focuses on injustices that are seen in corporate society and the way that decisions are made within the corporate world. The show officially opens this week and a demo is planned to take place highlighting the presence of the exhibition in John Frost Square right outside of the gallery.

At the beginning of this year it was announced that the temporary displays would have to be stopped in order to save money. They are just one of the many cutbacks that the Newport City Council has decided to make in order to save over £7m. In response many protesters have hit the streets stating that the city is going to become a ‘cultural wasteland.’

Michael Sheen, the Hollywood actor who was born in Newport, joined the fight to save the revolving exhibitions stating that this is a very dangerous move to make against the young artists that are working today. He also added that it is a harsh move against artists that are already established. Sheen also addressed the fact that without the temporary exhibitions a new group of young people are going to grow up without the vision that comes from being exposed to art.

Despite the cuts the permanent exhibition of the gallery will stay on display and Garner’s show will proceed as planned. Shift takes a look at work that was created to show how we work within an industrial, social, and educational context with many pieces taking a close look at the contrast between the working class man and the CEO.


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