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Contemporary arts festival set to delight Malvern

Contemporary arts festival set to delight Malvern

Contemporary arts festival set to delight Malvern

An auspicious programme full of events has been introduced by Malvern Theatres such as the brand new Festival of Contemporary Arts that is scheduled to begin on March 21st. This Festival will feature the newest in modern music, comedy, drama, dance, and film to the small area of Great Malvern, Worcestershire.

Some of the performances are featuring “Ockham’s Razor” aerial theatre and acrobatics, a drama performance from the award-winning live play “The Pitman Painters”, which is as of now completely sold out on Broadway and in the West End National Theatre, and “Drawing Blood by Michelangelo” which is featuring music that is composed by none other Charlie Barber.

A new play from Perrier Award winner Will Adamsdale, entitled ‘The Victorian in the Wall’ also features, as does August Wilsons’ ‘Fences’ with Lenny Henry in the lead role; Lenny follows a long line of distinguished performers in this acclaimed American drama.

The in-house cinema will host video streaming HD broadcasts of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ ballet live from the Royal Opera House and ‘Esmeralda’ from Moscow’s Bolshoi. Other performances feature stand-up comedian Andy Parsons and the National Dance Company Wales performing ‘Dream'; a triple bill of exhilarating dance brought together by world-renowned choreographer Christopher Bruce.

During the last 130 years, Malvern has attracted the most distinguished supporters and performers from Bernard Shaw and Edward Elgar, to Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Helen Mirren. Today, the theatres three auditoria utilise the latest technology to support exciting and innovative 21st century productions and the Festival will offer variety, modernity and dramatic diversity to thousands of theatre-goers from the Midlands and London.

The Festival runs from Thursday 21st March until Thursday 18th April. Latest information about productions, prices, Theatre Breaks and Special Celebration packages at or call the Box Office (01684) 89 22 77.



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