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Controversial structure unveiled in Olympic Park

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, calls it the ‘Hubble Bubble’ because of its similarity to a giant shisha pipe, but the ArecelorMittal Orbit has finally been unveiled at the Olympic Park in London. The designer, Turner prize-winner Anish Kapoor, has described the red tower as both beautiful and ‘awkward’. He created it along with structural designer Cecil Balmond.

The tower stands 114.5 metres above East London and is situated right next to the Olympic Stadium. It has twisting steel, helter-skelter look about it and visitors will be able to take a lift to the top and admire the fantastic views of the stadium and the Olympic Park. There are two viewing platforms and also a restaurant in the tower. There is a spiral staircase as well for the more energetic visitors.

The idea is that it will remain an attraction for visitors long after the Olympics are over. It is the tallest such sculpture in the United Kingdom and is also over seventy feet taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty. Anish Kapoor says that he realises the structure will not be to everyone’s tastes but that is part of the beauty of it.

There is just a slight controversy over the entrance fee at the moment. Currently it stands at £10 for adults and £7 for children, and this is for the duration of the Games. Mr. Kapoor says that this is too much and wants it to be reduced when the Olympics is over to give more people a chance to see the tower.

The London legacy Development Corporation is responsible for the future of the Olympic Park and the chief executive, Andrew Altman, said that this will happen. There will be a lower pricing structure put into place when the Games are finished and the tower is sure to become another landmark on London’s skyline.



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