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Copper tube from Yorkshire sculpted into art

Copper tube from Yorkshire sculpted into art

Copper tube from Yorkshire sculpted into art

Deirdre O’Daly Judge is a Dublin based artist and has recently created a new sculpture that has been made from copper tubing. The new piece of art is called ‘Orb Weaver’ and has been created from pieces of copper tubing that the artist sourced from Yorkshire Copper Tube. It also involved glass and wires in its construction.

The sculpture is a sphere and is fixed to a steel base; the new piece of art is based on something previously made by the artist called ‘Vertical Gardens.’ It took Judge over two months to take it from design to completion and it is now on display in Dublin at the National Botanical Gardens. It is a part of this years ‘Sculpture in Context Exhibition’ which is intended to bring attention to sculptors in Ireland. It is also acting as a new way for artists to show off their work in an environment that is not like a typical gallery.

Judge has said of the work, “I needed something that was very easy to shape by hand and copper tubing seemed like the perfect material to do this with. It is also nice to look at which is always important when creating a sculpture. I was able to find the copper that I needed from Irish Metal Industries and they provided something that was ideal for me to work with.”

The exhibition at the gardens has some 170 works of art and most of the guests who have come to see the art have reacted in a very positive way.

Neil Overton, Commercial Director at Yorkshire Copper Tube, said: “We were delighted that our copper tube was used to produce such an interesting and beautiful piece of artwork, which could be viewed in such a prestigious setting.”


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