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Create Art for Autism national art competition

‘Create! Art for Autism’ is a national art competition for young people between the ages of 11 and 25 who have been diagnosed with ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition).  Beechwood College in Sully, a specialist residential college for students with ASC, sponsored the event, and the competition included entries from over 350 students in the UK, India and Croatia.  Create! was meant to showcase the imagination and creativity of these individuals, and they did not disappoint.

In all three categories including 2D, 3D and Digital Art, the contributions were impressive.  Sam Fitzgerald, an 18-year-old Welsh student from St Cenydd School in Caerphilly took top prize for his Digital Art entry called “Angel”.  Another Welsh student, 15-year-old Alexander Fox-Robinson from Pembroke School, won in the Teachers’ Choice category with “The Blitz”, a pencil drawing.

Brendan Stuart-Burns, one of four judges on the panel, made the observation that “. . . in art all things are equal” and that statement was validated again with the work of the various contestants.  Artistic ability is not confined to any strata of society or any other area, and the organizers of Create! plan to expand the contest next year to encourage more autistic young people to express their unique talents in a medium that the public can acknowledge and appreciate.

Recent studies have also validated the link between artistic creativity and the condition of autism.  Darren Jackson, Principal at Beechwood College, said that the contest demonstrated how art allows these young people to express themselves when they can’t do so in more conventional ways such as verbal communication.  All the winners’ and finalists’ work will be on display at The Old Library in Cardiff until 7 August, and move to London in early autumn.


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