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Curators are back at the top of arts most influential people

For those who were shocked by the condition of the art world last year when Damien Hirst was name top of the Power 100 list in the Art Review magazine this year brings a little bit of respite as the artist famous for covering dead animals in formaldehyde has now dropped to 48th place.

Although in the current recession it is no secret that artists are not ranked high on the list of professional millionaires, it is a little relieving at least to hear that this year professionals in the art world, were voted the most powerful.

The top placement went to Hans Ulrich Obrist who is the co-director of Exhibitions in the Kensington Serpentine Galley. Additionally, Obrit has been responsible for being curator of around 90 other European exhibitions over the course of his career.

In second place is Glenn D. Lowery who is the director of the New York Museum of Art, and is featured in the top three without even making an appearance on the list in previous years.

Rounding out the top three is Sir Nicolas Serota also a director at the Tate museum which proves that this year the power does not belong to the artists, but instead those who take charge of deciding which artists are featured in museums.

Editor of Art Review magazine stated that the top ten list reflects the fact that the art world demands a new level of flexibility and change which curators are able to deal with appropriately compared to artists.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2009,


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