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Da Vinci masterpiece undergoes restoration

The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne is a masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci that has recently undergone some restoration work. The restoration work has been met with a great deal of controversy as it is a major change to the work, which will restore the original colours as they were painted in the 16th century.

However, when the work was first released to the public at the Louvre yesterday, the response has been very positive. The results are quite remarkable and the piece of art looks better than it has ever done before. The overwhelmingly good result suggests that many other works by Leonardo da Vinci will undergo a similar sort of restoration in coming years. There has been some degree of speculation that even the Mona Lisa could be subject to restoration.

There is an exhibition taking place at the Louvre until 25 June which will allow visitors to see both this restored work as well as the Leonardo da Vinci painting, Cartoon, which is leaving its home at the National Gallery in London for the first time in around 300 years.

This is the first time that the two masterpieces have been shown in the same collection for 500 years and the one from London is a charcoal drawing which was created around 20 years before the painting held at the Louvre. 50 years ago, someone attempted to purchase the paintings but they were bought by the National Gallery so the public can enjoy them for decades to come.

The painting which has recently been restored became discoloured over time by varnishing and a failed attempt to restoration in the 19th century. In modern times, a restoration was attempted around 15 years ago, but it was abandoned because the project was too challenging. Digital techniques have made accurate restoration more possible in recent years.


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