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Damien Hirst at the Wallace

dhDamien Hirst now has a new collection of his Old Master Painters hanging in the Wallace as part of the new Wallace Collection in addition to another gallery that features mainly his oil paintings.

The Wallace Collection is focused primarily on work from 18th century French, which allows Hirst to feature his work among some of the best pieces of art including pieces from Lucian Freud.

In true 18th century French style, Hirst’s work hangs along the walls of the Wallace in two galleries that have been wallpapered with striped blue silk, which was known to have a favourite choice of Marie Antoinette.

Throughout these two galleries there are 25 blue hued paintings on display that feature the rich tone of Prussian blue and white skulls.
Additional themes include the revolutions, death, lust, and love lost which coincidently is the part of the new exhibits official title, No Love Lost.

Among the many pieces in the gallery is a painting that pays tribute to Francis Bacon that features a ham painted in the same manner of Bacon that also features a water glass and ashtray in still life form.

Of course, the true art of Hirst lies in the fact that he is an intellectual painter whose viewpoints on life shine in each of his dark paintings.


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