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Damien Hirst For the Love of God

Opinions about the diamond encrusted skull that was created by Damien Hirst has been varied. Some people said that it was a great work of art while others said it was nothing more of a sign that the art industry had far too much money in it and was just a sign of absolute excess.

The piece which has the title For the Love of God is to be displayed in the public gallery for the first time in the UK. It will be displayed in the Turbine Hall of the Tate modern gallery and will be part of a major retrospective showing Damien Hirst’s work.

A special viewing room will be created and very tight security will be in place. The skull was cast in platinum but the original teeth from the real skull are in place. Over 8500 diamonds cover the skull and a 52 carat diamond is on the forehead. In 2007 the skull was valued at £50 million.

At the show featuring Hirst’s work will be over 70 pieces by the artist which have been created over the last two decades. Some of his most famous work will be on show including the cow suspended in formaldehyde as well as the pickled shark.

The director of the Tate modern, Chris Dercon commented, “Most people know the name Damien Hirst because they see his art in the newspaper, being able to experience it in real life is quite a thrilling experience. You get to see the work without the hype that the media has built-up around the pieces. Mr Hirst has stated that he is very excited that is work will be shown to the public.”



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