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Damien Hirst gets in peoples heads with a baby scull

hirstHis notoriety and riches comes from outraging people with his so-called art. Examples include cut up sharks and pickled lambs. The artist, Damien Hirst, turns political and hits below the belt with his latest work, utilizing the skull of a dead infant.

The piece is called For Heaven’s Sake and displays a casting of a baby’s skull created from platinum, with over 7,000 pink and white diamonds mounted on it from the royal Bentley & Skinner jewellers.

It is part of a collection of his new works going on exhibit later in January in Hong Kong at the Gagosian Gallery. The exhibit will arrive in London later this year. There is no comment from the gallery in reply to the question of the cost of the work.

The child’s skull used as a model is thought to have been under two weeks in age and to have belonged to a 19th century pathology collection the artist purchased.

Of course parents are outraged. Certain support groups for parents who have lost a child are the most up in arms.

The director of Hirst’s primary company for producing art, Judy Tyrrell of Science Ltd., agreed that it is a difficult theme. She replied that is was from an old Victorian collection, when they were fascinated with acquiring even the strangest of the strange. “Of course it is unusual and out of place in our eyes. I am a mother, myself. Yet I think it is bizarrely beautiful.”

Hirst’s artwork from 2007 called For the Love of God, was the second largest hired work of art made with diamonds in history, second only to the Crown Jewels of England. That piece by Hirst ran £50 million and was another skull covered in diamonds. It was also the costliest modern work of art.


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