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Damien Hirst travelling exhibition

The United States dealer of Damien Hirst works has been Larry Gagosian for some time now,  and the pair have recently come together to create an exhibition of Hirst’s work that is going to shown right across the globe. His ‘Spot’ paintings are going to be shown at Gagosian’s galleries all around the world, from New York to Hong Kong.

The works in the exhibition are all going to be the sale, but they are going to be far out of reach for most people. In the past, his works have sold for a minimum of about £600,000. For those who are unable to afford this, there are plenty of other products available based on the Spot artworks, including cufflinks and even tea towels. One of the more expensive items in the collection is a clock that is based on the artworks and retails for nearly £500.

The worldwide exhibition will showcase around 300 paintings which have been painted over the last 25 years. Many critics have criticised these works for being trivial and  uninteresting, but Mr Hirst hopes they are still going to be welcomed by the world and sell for his typically high prices.

Mr Hirst has commented, “I am an artist who is not afraid to try things and take risks. Often I go against the flow in the art world and do things that most people think will not work. For example, in 2008 when I sold 200 works at Sotheby’s, it was something that people thought was far too over the top but it worked and the sale was very successful. This is something that people can resent, especially the English.”

The sale in 2008 netted Mr Hirst over £100 million in the first two days of the auction, but there were rumours that he was manipulating the bids by having friends and business associates bid large amounts of money on the items to raise their value.


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