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David Hockney Festival of Yorkshire exhibition

It seems fitting thatYorkshire’s most famous artist should take pride of place in an exhibition to celebrate the Festival of Yorkshire later in 2012. A selection of David Hockney’s early etchings, inspired by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, will be on display at Scarborough’s Wood end Museum for most of the month of August.

Hockney produced 40 different illustrations, representing scenes and characters from the Brothers Grimm stories, in the late-1960s. Once a limited number of signed and unsigned copies had been produced, Hockney destroyed the original plates so no more prints could be made.

The Wood end Museum in the seaside town of Scarborough will be borrowing an almost complete set of the Hockney etchings from a gallery in Rutland for the duration of August; a fitting way to mark this year’s Festival of Yorkshire.

Organised by Scarborough Borough Council, the festival is designed to celebrate Yorkshire’s culture and history, and has been arranged to coincide with the better-known Yorkshire Day event. Other events in the festival include a sporting “flat-cap” Frisbee competition on the South Bay sands, an exhibition featuring items made in Yorkshire at the Spa complex and, also at the Spa, a musical concert of favourite Yorkshire tunes.

Wood end Museum, meanwhile, has two other major shows planned for 2012, both of which are being arranged with the same Gold mark Gallery in Rutland which has loaned the museum the Hockney etchings. After the Festival of Yorkshire event, there will be a display of Henri Matisse paintings in October and November, while the museum’s next event is an exhibition of works by Marc Chagall in April.

The two galleries have already forged a good working relationship, after co-operating on last year’s John Piper show at the Scarborough museum, and curators at the Wood end are hopeful that they will be able to continue mounting world-class art events with the assistance of the Gold mark.


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