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David Hockney the greatest living artist in the UK

Newspapers have been describing David Hockney as the greatest living artist in the UK. He has rebutted these claims saying that it is just media hype, saying “It doesn’t really mean that much to me and doesn’t bother me. I don’t leave the house a great deal and I’m not very social so I find media speculation about me rather dull.”

Mr Hockney is due to have a new exhibition at the Royal Academy this January. The work is going to feature the area of East Yorkshire and these are the first works that he has painted of the UK since he returned from the United States in 2005.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Mr Hockney said that he feels landscapes are much less appreciated in the art scene than they once were. He commented, “People think that photographs can do everything and therefore they do not paint landscapes so much. Instead a drawing, or painting, allows you to present the world in the way you see it, and this is something that photography is just not capable of doing.”

The Royal Academy first approached Mr Hockney about doing another major exhibition over four years ago and they initially wanted it to be launched in 2011. Mr Hockney said that he would not be able to prepare an exhibition in such a short time and said that he needed an extra year.

Mr Hockney, who is now in his mid-70s and is suffering from a degree of deafness has said that loud cities are now a challenging place for him to be in and this is why he has returned to East Yorkshire to paint in a more quiet environment. Mr Hockney is also someone who has embraced new technology and often uses an iPad is to create his works.


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