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David Steans named as latest curator of PSL exhibition

David Steans is the latest artist who has been asked to curate a new exhibition occurring at PSL, the Leeds arts space. He is an artist who is known for experimenting with new ideas and many people consider is the perfect artist to curate this new show. The show has a lot of creative ideas that some people have described as rather confrontational.

The artist has commented, “The show is quite audacious but I think it utilises this in a very positive way to create an entertaining experience for a visitor.” The exhibition features nearly 30 artists but it is something that Mr Steans has been planning for some time, and you can hear when he talks about it that he is very excited about the launch.

He continued, “I’m definitely an artist before a curator, but I had the idea for this exhibition over two years ago and it is wonderful that I have finally had the opportunity to bring it to life.”

The idea initially came to Mr Steans when he realised that many of the artist friends he has worked with in the past were all coming to important point in their career at the same time. He wanted to create an exhibition where his friends could display their work.


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